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Whats the easiest way to check a CPU?

Hello, I recently bought a cpu off my friend. An i5 2500k for only $100 that I could not pass up. He got it when it was brand new and it has been working for him without any hiccups. He didnt even OC it, I don't know why. Anyways I was just wondering what was the easiest way to check if this cpu still runs after the uninstallation process? I would like to put together the minimal number of parts just in case it does not work.
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    you have bread boarding.
    I love JSC guide but have never used it.
  2. Man, thanks a bunch for the very quick reply. So according to this all I really have to do is set up the HSF and cpu into my mobo, then as long as my mobo has a power and reset switch and beeper all I need to check for is the no memory beeps? as long as I get that far the cpu is in good shape? Or should I just take it a step or two further to be sure?

    Again, thanks for the hasty response!!
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