AMD Phenom II x6 1075T hits 100% usage

I have just built a pc for the first time and am not familiar with optimal performance specifics. Norton gave me a usage warning that one or more cores reached near 100%. This occured as I loaded a heavily populated area of WoW with maxed settings. I am wondering if this is normal and/or safe for my pc. I am using an AMD Phenom II x6 with 8gigs of ram and a Radeon HD 6870. Core temp reads 26-28c during gameplay and 18-21c idle.
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  1. Wow,
    very good temps for gaming.

    My core i7 950 goes to 55c during gaming.
    Then you have my i7 2600k on stock which goes to 57c during gaming.

    But yes your very safe.You havent OC right?
  2. No I have not OC'd anything. I wanted a better understanding of how my components should perform before I consider that.
  3. The problem is that software has never really achieved perfect work distribution whether 2 cores, 3 cores or more sometimes the front end of the cpu will always get worked.
  4. one less thing to worry about. thanks for the help.
  5. It seems that for some reason the Phenom 2 X6 chips do run rather cool, i have a 1090t OCd to 4.0ghz and with an ambient room temp of 19-20c it idles at 27c and gaming temps never exceed 49c.

    Thats using these for cooling =
    Be Quiet! Dark Rock PRO BK016 CPU Cooler

    All housed in one of these =
    Silverstone SST-FT02B-W

    Which all adds together to look a chilly one of these =
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