Computer locking up whenever video/graphics are used

Hi All,

This is my first post here and I have a question surrounding my third build. My previous two builds run perfectly with no hitches.

I built this computer for my brother for his birthday back in his home town (400 miles from where i live).

Here's the components:

Motherboard: Asus P8P67 LE (REV 3.0)
Processor: Intel i5-2400
Video Card: EVGA 01G-P3-1561-AR GeForce GTX 560 Ti FPB
HD: WD digital caviar black 1TB 6.0gb/s (doa) put in a WD 500 Gb 3.0 Gb/s green drive
DVD/CD - OEM Asus 24x drive
PSU:Thermaltake 850W W0319RU
Case: Thermaltake Armor A90

I'll take you through the build:

Everything went fine during the build, everything looked good - booted up to bios with no prob. The 1TB WD black drive was showing up somewhat through the bios but showed 0.0 GB and no make/model and I couldn't install an OS. After some troubleshooting (I wish I was at home because I could have just popped in a drive pre-installed with windows) I ended up picking up another drive at a local store in my brother's hometown. When I popped that one in it initially didn't show. So I restarted and it was fine. I restarted a few times, and double checked connections and all was good with the drive. Thought I was through the worst of it....

After the Windows 7 64 bit home premium install, updates, driver installs everything seemed cool. As soon as I tried to play a game it immediately went to black screen and locked up. I had to force shut down. I thought it was the video card and (again I wish I was at home because I could have just popped in another video card!) so I uninstalled all the vga drivers, re-installed everything. Still the same problem, but I went even further testing it and anything video instensive - even watching youtube would cause the computer to hang, no keyboard/mouse access and either force shut down or after a few minutes sometimes it would turn off. If I ran the Windows experience index in the system control panel - as soon as the screen would flash it would crash - every time. Also, when watching video through the web it wouldn't immediately crash - it might play it for 1 min, 30 sec, 10 sec but it would always crash

So, I wiped the drive clean and installed everything again to make sure it wasn't software related - and it isn't, it's still having the same issue.

Right, now I'm back home (400 miles from the computer) and my brother is bringing it in to a local shop to have them check it out - but I don't want him to have to spend a fortune to fix it etc.

I'm stumped, it could be the video card, the PSU not giving it enough power, a motherboard issue.....or HD issue, even though I went through two drives....Everything is wired right (unless I've gone crazy!) I triple checked everything.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone has experienced this kind of thing before and can shed some light on it.

thanks and cheers
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  1. Since you didn't specify...did you install drivers/up to date drivers? Not just GPU, but chipset/sound/etc.

    Could just be a bad GPU. I'd swap in a known working on and give that a try.
    PSU should be fine and rarely does a bad PSU let you boot.
    RAM is possible, I'd make sure it's manf spec in timings and v in BIOS and do a memtest 8 passes to be sure. Could also be screwy mobo.
    Doubt it's HD.

    Honestly, though, this is something you really just have to start part swapping to nail down. Take a look through our troubleshooting checklist (link in my sig) to make sure you didn't miss anything and start part swapping.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    Yes I downloaded all up-to date drivers for gpu/chipset/sound/etc.

    I'll try the gpu swap first. Don't think it's the RAM, but I'll double check if the GPU swap doesn't yield any results.

    hope it's not a screwy mobo :(

  3. Yea, screwy mobo is usally the worst since it's the hardest/most annoying to test, and usually last thing you test.
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