Flashing BIOS A7GM-S

I will be flashing my BIOS to add support for the new AM3 socket CPU I will be installing. I plan on doing it via boot-able USB flash drive. I've never done this before so I'm going nuts trying to figure out the correct method. I've gone to the foxconn support site, downloaded the latest revision which contains AFUDOS.exe, flash.bat, and 799F1P15.rom.

Now I found this tutorial: http://www.jrin.net/2011_12_12/how-to-flash-the-bios-on-a-foxconn-nt-330i and am wondering if that is all I need to know. If not I would appreciate someone pointing me in the correct direction. Thank you
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  1. Meh, I got tired of waiting for a response so I did it this morning. It went perfectly. That tutorial was spot-on. So anyone looking to flash their BIOS, check it out.
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