Why did the green light on my moniter go suddenly to orange

Hello, first off i was listening some music on my pc when all of a sudden i saw some black lines going across the screen then the green light on my montor went to orange.
i turned off my computer.and tried turning it on again, the green light comes on for about 2 seconds and then it goes off.
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  1. It goes on standby because it receives no video signal. Your video card probably is defective, but it's easy to determine if the monitor works by connecting it to another computer.
  2. Welcome.
    Your monitor is either not getting a signal from the computer or it is broken. Post your full system specs so we can better help you.
  3. I had a similar situation where the monitor would just go into standby even though the computer was running, and it turns out my PSU was deffective and my video card wasn't receiving enough power.

    As rolli59 mentioned, post your full specs otherwise it's hard to determine what the problem may be.
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