What is the best ram for the intel h55 platform?

I have an ASUS P7H55-M PRO mother board, this is the intel H55 platform, is this the same as the intel P55 platform with respect to RAM and what is the best ram for the intel h55 platform?
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  1. CL9 1.5v non ecc ddr3 should work fine; 1.65v is not recommended for Intel chipset boards. For amd, it's not an issue, just for Intel.
  2. The reason is that for INTEL the memory controller is in the CPU. I'm not sure about AMD but it may be on the motherboard.

    My Intel CPU has a memory controller but my MOTHERBOARD has a better one which allows me to use my RAM at 1600MHz rather than the lower CPU limit.

    *So check the specifications for your MOTHERBOARD.
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