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I've recently bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 toxic edition,though I've always been an nVidia user.My problem is whenever I play NFS Hot pursuit,everything seems to be just fine at first,then at some point suddenly the screen splits and displaces aside as if someone has just pulled it from side... The weird thing is it is happening after an interval of about 7-8 hours of playing... I've also got a green screen while playing FIFA 11...Can anybody suggest anything,it's freaking me out !!!
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  1. Well, you could have a faulty card in your hands; bad luck is always floating around, so if there's no much hassle doing the RMA, just do that.

    Otherwise, can you check your PC temps? CPU, GPU, Chipset (northbridge, mother board, etc). Did you uninstall Windows before (clean install) or just replaced the card cleaning nVidia drivers first?

  2. If this regularly occurs after 7-8 hours, for more than one game, it could very well be heat related. Can you monitor the temperature while stress testing (OCCT for the stress-testing, GPU-Z for the temperature monitoring)?
  3. Thanx guyz for replying.... but I've installed a fresh copy of Win 7... And temperature is also within normal limit... Cant undstnd wht the hell is wrong.... Should I replace it with a new nVidia GTX 460... really confused....
  4. CPU and GPU are in "normal limit"? If it takes that long it could be over heating memory or northbridge as well.
  5. I'm having the same problem with my Gigabye HD 6850...its like all of a sudden the left side of my screen is on the right, and the right on the left. Also I notice some scrolling from left to right and sometimes its not a completely precise split down the center. Also notice some fuzzy distortion when this happens.
  6. MSI 6850 Cyclone (well cooled)

    Works well, when it does-

    Screen split in Deus Ex cutscene
    Sometimes game hangs (Deus Ex, Space Marine demo)
    Colored lines form across screen at times resulting in distortion (Deus Ex)
    Total screen distortion (Space Marine demo)

    Judging from what was supposedly fixed by catalyst 11.6c, this may well be a driver issue.
  7. 7-8 hrs of playing LMAO. you should get up and take a damn break. Sitting in front of a PC for that many hrs is not good for you.
  8. iam2thecrowe said:
    7-8 hrs of playing LMAO. you should get up and take a damn break. Sitting in front of a PC for that many hrs is not good for you.

    TROLL real helpfull reply there, maybe its you that needs to get up and take a break, FROM TROLLING
  9. If several people have it it does sound like a driver issue. Weird that it takes ages to come on though.

    I suppose the question is does it go away if you switch to older/newer drivers. I'm sticking with older drivers for my Asus 6850, at least until I buy a really recent game.

    My experience of heat-related graphical glitches on an nvidia card (from pushing memory o/c too far) is distorted texture colours and jagged lines across the screen where textures are repeated right across the screen where they shouldn't be, not the screen being drawn in the wrong place.
  10. I just put together a machine about 2 months ago and have the same problem with a Sapphire 6850 - when playing Dirt 2 Demo or BF3 the screen will start to get lines in it and then the screen splits - the left 1/3 will move to the right side or something similar. This happens usually about 10 minutes into a game, prior to any possible heat issues developing. When I quit out of the game the screen stays split and continues with the lines until I reboot. After a reboot the machine is usually fine for as long as I want to play, however, the problem arises even when I first boot and go straight into a game. No issues outside of the games - plays movies and runs MS Office, IE, etc with no problems. I bought a new SSD and did a fresh Win 7 install and loaded the latest driver. It appeared to be working fine for a while, but then the problem surfaced again. Is this just a bad card? I ran FURMARK and ran a memory test on the card and it appeared fine.

    My system:
    Eyefinity 3xHP2311x (with Active Displayport adapter)
    HAF 932
    FX 6100
    GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev 1.0 F4 Bios
    8GB Kingston 1600
    Sapphire 6850
    Intel 320 80GB SATA II SSD
    WD 500 GB Caviar Black
    Corsair GS800
  11. Hi, I am facing the exact same problem but only when i OC the GPU. I am pretty sure that it is an overheating issue. Don't know if driver update can solve this. Someone mentioned that " temp is in normal limit". And what is this normal limit by the way? I face this problem only when my GPU stays for some time in the 56-60 deg temp and it's OC ed. I have played BattleField 3 for hours without OC ing , and faced no problem. So get a better cooling system, I guess.
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