Alternitives to comcast cable modem?

We are looking at getting phone and internet from comcast, but they want 7$ to rent there stupid modem. And they have that stupied thing locked down so you can't buy it anywhere, except renting it with comcast. And they don't let your buy it from them.
Is there an alternative product that will work, and comcast will let me use that I can buy?
It needs to support internet as well as phone

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  1. You don't have to rent, I don't. Check out this link for supported devices:

    I got my Surfboard 6120 @ Best Buy, admittedly doesn't support voice, but there should be others out there that do.
  2. Yeah they have all of those devices locked down, I did a google search and the first 15 you can't buy any of them that support comcast digital voice. Well you can but used and I asked about that and they said those devices are stolen and we will come and take it.

    Any Ideas?
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