DDR3 on a 2600K

Hi all,

Basically I'm redoing some things in my PC such as good cable management dust filters and stuff. Then is struck me that my RAM needs upgrading as I only have 4GB and it's just cheap RAM.
My brother bought 2x2gb ram sticks which were cheap without asking me to do some research over a year ago. Until today I've been using them but now I want to upgrade as said earlier.

My specs are:

Motherboard: Z68XP-UD4
Power Supply: 650W
HDDs: 2TB Spintpoint and a 250gb seagate(old one that needs replacing)
GFX: Gigabyte 5870
CPU: 2600K

I've been reading around and it seems as though G.Skill Ripjaws X is a popular selection. At my local computer store 2x8GB costs 175AUD where as an 1x8GB costs 79AUD so it's cheaper to get 2x(1x8GB) but the thing is they look like the exact same model (with the model number) . Here are the rams I am talking about(had to upload :



Only difference I see is that one is CL9 and one is CL10 but they have the exact same specs. So can anyone clarify as to why there is a big price difference if you go for the 2x8gb one rather than just getting 2 of the 8gb sticks separately.

Help would be much appreciated!
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  1. They are in matched, exactly same pair from the same batch.

    Non-kit set may not be exactly 100% the same.
  2. The CL number is latency, and the lower number is better.
    This is the best RAM for the money and as you can see it's designed for the CPU you're using

  3. Agree there ^ that is what I would get, and I have no idea why you would ever need more than 8gig.
  4. It's just umart selling them at that price.


    Get Umart to do a price match.
  5. Thing is I also want to use this on the long run. Since my motherboard has quad channel do you guys still recommend I buy a G Skill 8G(2x4G)?
  6. You don't have quad channel. Your Z68 mobo is 4 RAM slot dual channel.

    Just get the 2x4GB kit now if you are short on money. 8GB is still plenty for everyday task and gaming.

    Otherwise get 2x8GB and get Umart to price match.
  7. Pyree is correct.

    Also u need x64bit Windows to use more than 4GB of the RAM.
  8. ^that as well. It gets harder and harder to remember the existence of 32 bit Window over time.
  9. i would pick up 16gb in case you wanted a ramdisc or something.

    g skill corsair and kingston make nice memory
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