Upgrading base parts of my computer (Motherboard/CPU/RAM/GPU)

I'm upgrading my computer as it struggles to run most games now days. So i have a 1920x1080 monitor, a 720gb harddrive and a 5.1 speaker set.

What i want is an upgrade between £200-£300 that will enable me to run most games at full resolution. I am a bit of a graphics nut so graphics are important to me. I have been looking around and i'm thinking of going with...

Motherboard -
To be honest i have no idea. I don't understand what the difference between a £30 motherboard that works with all my hardware and a £100 is, so all advice welcome :)

AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core (955) 3.2GHz Processor £100

4GB CCL Choice 1333MHz DDR3 Memory Stick £30 (again i don't really see why the more expensive RAM is better)

I absolutely have no idea! I don't understand how they number it, so i can't just go up the range until i hit my budget limit. I prefer ATI over nVidia as well.

So if anyone anyone could suggest a good build that is in between £200-300 don't hesitate! :D
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  1. Could you tell us what you have now? List your full specs, as you may only need a partial upgrade, instead of a new build.
  2. Motherboard> AsRock M3A770DE bout 40-50 quid, try scan.co.uk and ebuyer.co.uk
    Gpu> grab a Sapphire 5770 from scan for 95 quid, from scan.co.ok
    and what psu do you have/ are you getting?
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