Cannot Boot into Windows After RAM Upgrade

According to my manual and Dell's website, I can upgrade my RAM to up to 4GB. I purchased compatible memory from G.Skill and installed it today. After upgrading, my Inspiron 1420 could not boot into Windows. I did Startup Repair, Dell Diagnostics, checked the BIOS (revision A10), and everything else I could think of or research. I reinstalled one of the 1GB modules along with one of the new 2GB modules and the computer booted fine, showing 3GB of installed memory. I removed the 2GB module and replaced it with the second, new 2GB module I purchased. Again, the computer booted fine. So, both modules are good. It's only when I install both of the 2GB modules together that I cannot boot. Can anyone help me?
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  1. did you check on dell how much memory your model could support
  2. Yes. According to my manual, Dell's website, memory vendor's websites and other Inspiron 1420 users, my mainboard is supposed to support up to 4GB.
  3. More info: I'm running Vista Ultimate 32-bit. The motherboard is a Dell model 0JX269.
  4. see page 141 and 142 if after this test if system do not boot again with the both 2 gig. modules you will have to call dell and ask for support to solve this
  5. scout_03, what do you mean by pages? How do I find pages 141-142?
  6. the use manual on dell for your inspiron 1420 this press get manual
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