Case fans with TX750 V2?

I just bought the Corsair TX750 V2 from Newegg and am disappointed to find that there are no extra connections on the back of the PSU. Is there any way to use a 6-pin connection case fan now? There are no connections for it on the motherboard and now there are none on the PSU, so do I have to go without these fans? Should I return my current PSU and get one with the extra connections?
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  1. 6 pin case fan? I have never seen one of those connectors before. Most case fans use a 4 pin molex/periperhal connector or a 3/4 pin connector for the motherboard.
  2. Well I mean, the power supply doesn't come with any extra ports and the motherboard doesn't have a 4 pin connector either. I have a MSI P67A-GD65 motherboard.
  3. What fan is it? I dont know of the connector you are trying to find, i dont think it exists in modern standard systems. Can you find a picture of it?

    Obviously the power supply has these connections but there are no extra ports to plug them into. Since the cables are attached to the case fans, I have to plug them in to the power supply (or motherbaord) but it doesn't come with any extra ports.
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    You are trying to use that plug for the wrong thing...

    The 6 pin PCI-E connector is for PCI-E cards only, the only thing you have that you should need to plug it into would be a graphics card, the fans should all be connecting to the 4 pin molex connectors which are on a different string of connectors.
  6. Well the cable that connects both fans has about 3 of those connectors but it also has the 6-pin one and up to this point I had always just plugged in the 6-pin connector to the back of the PSU. That always powered the fans on so the 6-pin connector can't just be for PCI-E.

    Where can I plug in the 4 pin molex connectors since now I don't have a 6-pin connector in the back of the PSU? Those connectors attached to the fan cable have always confused me because I have only ever used them to provide power to older IDE drives.
  7. I guess I have to go buy a molex to 3 pin adapter to get it to work. I can't think of another way.
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