Lucid Hydra to bypass gaming card inabilities

My original post was deleted but I am still waiting for an opinion at least. It came to me today as I realized that I need
a professional graphics card. I was wondering: could I buy a Crosshair IV Extreme which has a Lucid chip and buy an Ati V4800 which is cheap and pair that with my 5970? I know my gaming cards have the horsepower but they don't react to CAD applications because of the drivers. So I was wondering if you know if the Lucid Hydra chip can bypass that whole driver issue thing...

I hope I've made myself pretty clear and I really hope some of you have some answers.

PS: If this doesn't work I could really use some suggestions for a graphics card for CAD and Maya.
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  1. I would REALLY doubt that it would be possible to make a radeon card work like a firepro. AMD makes the drivers ONLY for firepros; that's why they're more expensive. If you hack it to make it work, it's stealing. Why don't you just use the v4800 for cad and the 5970 for gaming?
  2. That's why I was wondering about the Lucid chip. Maybe it can trick the radeon card into working together with the firepro card. I know it's a very long shot but wouldn't it be cool to actually work, even if a very small percentage of the radeon would be put to work.
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