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Hi just bought a Striker 7.1, when I put in the DVD or CD whatever it is; I get this "Please plug-in ht omega striker 7.1 device!" now I have it plugged in tried two different PCi slots would try another but the fans on my videocard are blocking them so. I tried downloading the driver directly from site, not working...and I did turn off onboard sound in my BIOS.

Rest of my rig info you may need to know
Windows 7 64-Bit

If theres anymore info you need tell me but I think the rest is pretty trivial
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  1. Well I got my card to be recognized and got the driver installed but I am still getting no sound, really stumped
  2. Odd. The Striker *shouldn't* require a power connector, so thats not it...

    Sounds kinda familliar though...
  3. Go into Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage audio devices and see if you can hear sound out of each speaker.
  4. disable any on-board sound devices
  5. ^^ He shouldn't have to; C-media is VERY good about working with other audio devices. [Both ASUS and HT Omega, and also some Auzentech models, basically use the same 2-3 C-media based chipsets anyways]. I have four cards installed right now, all running without issue, including onboard...

    The error he was seeing is common for C-media cards that need an external power connector [like my Xonar Xense], so its almost as if the card is being mis-identified...

    Worse case, he can give the Xonar Unified Drivers a shot, as they also have the .ini files for most of HT Omega's models...
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