Mobile intel r 4 series express chipset family any good for gaming ?

Ok so I got a relatively cheap laptop which came with mobile intel r 4 series express chipset family and I have just started getting into the whole pc gaming scene will I be able to play any of the following ( hopefully them all) Shogun 2, Starcraft 2 ( heard this one is a real gutsy game and requires top-notch hardware) and C&C Red alert 3 ! I have read that all of them require a 128MB nVidia GeForce 6600GB or better but would I manage to get away with using the built in one! Also I read somewhere that the mobile intel r 4 series express chipset family are built into the motherboards and so they can't be replaced for a better graphics card, Is this true or can I upgrade the hardware abit.
Please message back ASAP.
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  1. ehm it isn't on the site but thank you
  2. If I am correct then the graphics are called GMA 4500MHD (G45 chipset) on the list!
  3. Ok I found that and it would be terrible quality do you happen to know if it is infact built onto the motherboard or if it is replacable
  4. it is soldered to the motherboard, u cant replace that gpu. most laptops dont come with upgradable gpus except certain brands like alienware and sager and other ones, cant remember but more than 90% of laptops dont come with upgradable graphics thats i can tell u. cheers
  5. ok thanks from what I have found the only thing letting down my system is the graphics card but to be honest I could get away away with it on Shogun 2 but starcraft 2 no and unfortunately C&C Red alert doesnt support a 64-bit version of vista :(
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