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I3-2100, i3-2120, and i5-2500K Question

What would the performance difference in games and video rendering be between the i3-2100 and the i3-2120, would it be directly proportional to the clock speed (about 6%) or what? More importantly, would the four cores that the i5-2500K offers (and of course, the unlocked multiplier) be worth the extra dosh?

Need: Consistent 60fps w/ Fraps running on games like Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor, Battlefield 3 (details don't need to be on Maximum for BF3), current resolution is 1600x900 but I may upgrade to 1920x1080.

As far as video rendering goes it'd be nice to have a lower time but it's not necessary as I can leave Vegas rendering over night.

Will one of the i3s meet those needs or not?
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    If just for the games listed go for the quad core no doubt about it. Rendering will help but a lot of cheaper software is only coded for two cores. TMPG(newer versions) Mainconcept, I believe Cinema Craft Encoder does now too. Some freeware or cheapish software doesn't use four cores or more, but I guess you get what you pay for.
  2. If you're going for gaming I would go with the i5.
    Are you planning on overclocking?
    If not, there's really no reason to get the 2500K.
    Get the cheaper i5.
  3. Yes, this is actually for a friend and given OC'ing is so easy, especially with an unlocked core multiplier, he will be OC'ing for sure.
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