Cannot see server using XP

I am trying to setup my PC (XP) so it can access the internet through a cable modem (cisco) and access a linux file server.

I have setup a static IP on the linux file server with net mask

The XP connected to the cisco device returns an ip of something like using a net mask of

My solution was to have two network cards in the XP computer, one to get access to the internet (cable direct to cisco device) and one, with a static IP on subnet mask to access the file server (using a switch). I do not need the file server to access the internet.

The XP can access the internet no problems. It can also ping the linux file server and I can connect to the linux server using putty (ssh), but when I go to network browse to add a network connection I cannot see the file server.

I attached an additional PC (also XP) to the switched hub which connects the server with XP and using that PC I can connect to the file server to share files - so I know that samba is working on the files server. This PC can 'see' the PC that connects to the internet when browsing the network, so I think I have set up the workgroup on both PCs correctly to match the entry in my samba.conf

What do I try next?
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  1. Update: I tried to connect using the IP address (// where home is the name of the share on the linux server - this worked ok, so I can connect and share files on the server even if I cannot browse the network and see the server - strange behaviour.
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