What are good 3dmark vantage scores for gtx 460 768mb?

Finally got my new gtx 460 768mb and this one works great and has similar performance to my old gttx 460 1gb.
here are the results for my old gtx 460 1gb:
Here are the results for my new gtx 460 768mb:
Do you think my score is good? am i bottlenecking? Can some1 plz link their results so i can compare?
I have a q8200 running at stock speeds.
And an issue im having is that my cpu isnt preforming at its max speeds durring is the tests why is that?! Plz help if you can?
As you can see that in the first link its going at 2.33ghz but in the second its going 1.906ghz WHy is that?!
Can some1 plz help me fix lol. Its irritating me.
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  1. Why did you get rid of the GTX 460 1GB? Did it break? The 1GB GTX 460 (unless it's the SE version) is superior to the 768MB version in all aspects.

    Reference your CPU. Did you notice that one test you have 6GB of RAM and the other you have 4GB RAM? Changing out your RAM between tests will not make them compatible. Also, doing so may cause the BIOS to alter your CPU bus speeds to match RAM changes. That's more than likely why you're seeing a difference.

    Also, you have 2GB and 1GB sticks of RAM installed. It's best to have all 1GB or all 2GB sticks.

    Also, as noted at the top of each set of results your score isn't truly valid because the GPU is doing the PhysX work. This means you can't compare it to ATI cards directly, and therefore Futuremark calls the score invalid. (the score will be way too high). You'll want to disable this in 3dMark Vantage before you run the tests. I think they call it PPU?
  2. yea i got 2 new sticks of ram because 1 of my old 4 were defective, and they were slow anyway.I took out the old ones because i thought i would really effect my preformance. Do you think i should put the 2 old 1bg sticks back in along with my new 2gb sticks?
  3. http://3dmark.com/3dmv/2939186;jsessionid=571CE34FBF1F8CF740484BFFEB64F243?show_ads=true&page=%2F3dmv%2F2939186%3Fkey%3DTXfdT6jSxtb3EvDUKwC2uN8RkR4LJE
    there are my results with ppu disabled.
    so i guess i should put the other 2 mem sticks back in.
    Btw i have duel channel memory and i was wondering how i should insert the ram to get the bonus?
  4. http://3dmark.com/3dm11/722702;jsessionid=3D965A7D823C8511C705FD71FE231B19?show_ads=true&page=%2F3dm11%2F722702%3Fkey%3DyuthpeSDm70Mnj6vAX44e9ayhqnWaf
    Lol on this benchmark i get my normal speeds :S lol
    Is there a way i can distribute my cpu usage between all my 4 cores evenly?
  5. You can use the process affinity option in Windows to manually assign services to each core....but you'll have to do it at every boot. You can not, however, directly control the actual cpu usage in such a manor.
  6. thanks.
    And any1 ahve any gtx 460 benchmarks i can compare to?
  7. There are lots of GTX 460 benchmarks on the Futuremark website. You can choose to compare your results with others. Though your Total score and CPU scores will vary (unless you compare to people with the same CPU and GPU) you can still compare just your GPU scores. Keep in mind however, a slow CPU can limit the overall performance of your GPU.

    Long story short, log into your 3dMark account and compare your results with others.

    Also, so far as Dual-Channel memory is concerned, it's best to match your memory sticks. Your motherboard manual will tell you how to properly install them. Usually the sticks go into every other slot. (i.e. if you have 4 slots, they got in 1 & 3, and the other sticks go in 2 & 4). However, as I said before, it's best if all 4 RAM sticks are the same Brand, Model, Size, speed (timings, etc).
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