Need help picking a monitor

Hey guys, Tax time is here and I am in the market for a new monitor for gaming. My current system is as follows:

Intel Core i7-930 (will be buying a 960 or 970 with taxes though)
Asus P6X58D Premium
12 GB (6 X 2 GB) Corsair DDR3 2000 CAS 9
eVGA GTX 480 SC (will be buying a second card for SLI as well)
ABS Dark Beret 1000w 80+ Bronze (will be upgrading to a 1200w Corsair Professional)
Micron RealSSD 128 GB SATA III SSD
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
Cooler Master HAF X (with a 932 door mod and a but load of fans)
Cooler Master V10 Hybrid (looking for better cooling for cheap as well)
My current monitor is a ViewSonic VX2035wm (which has a ton of lines going down the screen now so hence the new monitor)

I know this is a graphics card and display thread but if you have any suggestions as to the other parts I am upgrading please do let me know. I am also possibly in the market for a Dedicated Physx card as I sold my last one ( MSI 260 GTX Twin Frozr OC) in a computer build that I just did (I am a computer and Electronics Engineer who spent too much on college so that I can build computers for friends and neighbors since there is no work in my field in my area right now lol) Let me know if I left an pertinent information out. Thanks in advance guys. You all rock.
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  1. well for a great 24 inch monitor here u go for a great price , thats good overall for gaming , watching movies and more ;)

    its a good asus monitor and comes under 200$ :d

    btw the rest of ur system looks great , so ya good build

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