Low quality resolutions with Catalyst Control Center

Hi there.

Recently I bought an LCD 32' which I'm right now trying to connect to my computer, where I have an MSI ATI 4850 HD 512mb ddr. I downloaded the latest drivers from the AMD website, together with the CCC, which I was looking forward to try in order to solve some desktop problems with my LCD. Well, far from helping, CCC screw everything up: not only is my desktop still sucking (it looks nothging like a monitor even though it is connected via HDMI), but also, whenever I try to play a game, the CCC messes with the graphic setup, not allowing me to choose resultuions beyond 848Xsomething, when my LCD is actually able to support up to 1360X768. Further resolutions can only be chosen when games are played in window mode (which is an unfathomable pain in the arse!).

In order to play using my lcd montor, I had to resort to an older driver, and get rid of the ccc.

In addition to the aforementioned, temperatures for the card when idle reach up to 92 celsius degrees. By using the CCC overdrive I was able to change the fan speed and thus lower the temperature, but still, the problem I mentioned before was there to bug the hell out of me. So now I have to choose between using CCC and be able to lower the temperatures but unable to use the LCD, or use only the driver and expose the card to crazy temperatures.

Does anyone know how to tell CCC not to mess with games' resolution, or else, how to control ATi fan speed without using CCC?

Thank you very much in advance for your help
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  1. well theres other programs to control speed fan , i beleive with speedfan u can control ur gpu speed, and its possible to install the ati driver without cc , actually
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