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What case to get?? BUDGET 75$

I have no idea what case to get!

video: AMD 6770 1GB
cpu: i5-2500k to be over clocked

I have looked into a few cases and the HAF 912 and the CM 690 II Advance.. I want the case to look nice but at the same time quite with decent to awesome ventilation..

Please help!!

Willing to consider any other case as well!!!
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  1. The CM 690II advanced is one of my favorite cases. The Antec 300 is another good one at a great price
  2. I like the Antec 300, sometimes the Antec 900 drops to that price range from sales/MIR, Rosewill Challenger is a good choice [lots of fans included], check out NZXT Apollo I believe... sexy case imo :P,
  3. I have the Antec P180 Mini and I love it, but need a mATX mobo... huge fan in the top and room for 3 120mm fans as well, super nice case and not too expensive and lots of room inside even when using 2x gfx cards
  4. i would go with the antec 300. Its a great case for its price and big enough while not taking up to much space
  5. i would go with the cooler master storm enforcer, it's a bit pricy though, or the NZXT m59 but the front looks cheezy on the nzxt.
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    The Lian Li PC K58 or the CM 690 Advanced, or the BitFenix Shinobi.
    The CM HAF 912 is excellent, too.
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