Running x64 bit and still can not get my Mobo to read all 8GB

Okay, so i am running x64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium. I have 8GB RAM DDR3 installed but when i turn my rig on Nothing happens, it started to beep, but i bypassed that part. Still won't tread it, as well for my RAM it is dual channel, but is reading "single channel" I rest the bios, i even went to "msconfig" > "Boot" > "Advance" and allowed to run 8GB aka 9125mb and still nothing happens. At first i thought RAM was faulty because i even switched the 1 of each stick around but one booted fine and one did not, but as of today the pc will start only if i put the 2nd stick in while running, Sadly you're not suppose to, But using CPUID it shows both sticks running. But as of my Windows Property, Doesn't show 8GB, only 4GB. !! Any suggestions would help. Or if i can some how remap my chipset to run and start with 8GB.. Would truly help !!

I have a

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core Sandy Bridge G620 CPU

RAM: DDR3 G.skill Sniper 8GB PC1333 Dual Channel

Mobo: Biostar H61 MGC
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  1. You shouldn't need to do anything to your BIOS (or chipset) to get the board to "see" more memory.

    You're on the right track with plugging the modules in one at a time. 1 module isn't the ideal configuration, but it will work and it won't damage anything. If you find that 1 module won't boot the system, you likely have a bad module and need to RMA your RAM.
    Another issue could be proper seating of the RAM... some sockets and memory modules are on the edge of tolerance. Meaning the fit is very tight. Not saying to take a hammer to the modules :) but just make sure you've seated them well.
  2. Well i been building rigs for a long while now, but DDR2 boards. And this is my first DDR3, so slightly new with its fit. And i know i had them all in correctly i made sure labels are facing CPU, and that the slips fit in the slots with the ram.

    I am pretty sure the ram does need to me RMA, and of course not having 2 sticks in makes in single channel, unless running 2 sticks gives you Dual Channel. It's just sad that i realized 2 days ago, that there was a small burnt spot on one of the sticks. I went back and tested the good stick in both slots, boots perfectly. So yeah i wasted some time with a new board and POS Ram stick.

    And plus i always make sure i have no static on my hands i wear a discharge band around my hand at all times, so i do not have to worry about hurting or even frying a part.

    Thanks for the reply !
  3. FWIW, a burn mark on a module is from 1 of 2 reasons:

    1. shorted trace between data and power on the module (sloppy solder or defect in the PCB)- mfg defect.
    2. improperly installed module - physically askew, backwards

    in scenario #2, you almost always will see a mirrored burn mark on the socket AND very often the socket gets damaged and unable to be used; I suspect you have scenario #1 because you say both sockets boot the system and work ok.
    I say this because depending on what route you go for your replacement/RMA (reseller vs GSkill direct), you should stand strong to get them to replace the module. Just don't want you to get shorted (pardon the pun. :) )
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