What cpu will not bottleneck quadfire

If i had 4x 4890s
2x 4870x2
or 2x gtx 295s

what cpu will i need not to bottleneck these?
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  1. If you did a great watercooler and had a great Intel Sandy Bridge i7 CPU OCed very, very far you could. I would say an Intel core i7 2600k OCed to around 4.5Ghz.
  2. Any i7 Oced past 3.6 would work.
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    christop said:
    Any i7 Oced past 3.6 would work.

    That is A LOT of GPU Power, you will need more like 4Ghz now that I think about it. I would do 4.2Ghz to be safe. 3.6Ghz will not do it.
  4. my 2500k is at 5ghz that work or not?
  5. 2500k MoBo would need NF200 to get full x16 bandwidth.
  6. Certainly would be fine - though the Sabertooth P67 wouldn't be.

    You'd be best off with a WS Evolution / UD7 to avoid the 16x PCI-E lanes issue with socket 1155.

    Also a massive ew @ those setups, heat producing old generation cards without DX11 yuk. Waste of moneys

    GTX 570 SLI / 6950 CF much much better option
  7. No i am not going to change my current computer all i am saying is i have a 2500k laying around but no mobo lol what luck
  8. I can save a lot of money and get another gtx 580. i am still pissed that nvidia in the year 2010 hasn't made it so series can work together like a gtx 580 and 570 in sli
  9. I do not know how you managed 5Ghz on a i5 2500k, but yeah, that would work really well. But I think, correct me if I am wrong, but 1155 boards only go 16x or 8x 8x SLi/CF. That would mean that you would take advantage of all that power.
  10. at x8 you lose what 2 fps lol doesn't matter for crap.. what i want to know is why is nvidia still being stupid not allowing a series to sli together.
  11. Ummm... Wrong. Anything that is higher than a hd5870 loses performance at 8x. If you cards are stronger than a hd5870 it will lose performance. The higher above a hd5870, the more performance you will end up losing. So in reality, you might end up losing 10 FPS.
  12. but for decoding i don't think that x8 is going to make a major difference.
  13. Using a board with an NF 200 chip adds latency you know so will it's actually a slight determent to LGA 1366 boards it's a benefit for the 1156 and 1155 boards. So, for a sandy bridge chip, a board with the NF 200 would allow two 4870X2s or two 295s to communicate with each other with 16x/16x lanes rather than just 8x/8x. For four 4890s though you would need a a board with 4 8x slots with an empty slot between them which also means a bigger case with at least room for 8 expansion slots rather than 7 so the last card has an exhaust.
  14. quadfire bottlenecks itself as scaling sucks balls when you xfire 4 cards. Dont bother, stick with 2 cards and 2x dual gpu cards is counted as quadfire. just get 2 high end cards.
  15. Ebay your dated dual GPU cards if you want money--dump them on classifieds here if you don't.

    Then buy a new dual GPU (GTX 590/6990) when it comes out. The 8x can limit your high end cards if you crossfire/SLI them, but you'll be getting over 60fps in anything, so it won't matter. It should matter with decoding though--which should be done with Radeons btw.
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