Bundle deal for gaming?

hey guys,

im a bit of a computer noob, but atleast have the initiative to ask before i buy :D I have found this bundle deal -

INTEL E6500 CPU and Fan
Motherboard with PCI express 16x Video - Sound and LAN
ATi HD5570 PCIexpress VGA card
SATA x2 IDE x2 Supported, 2x DDR-2 667/800 Memory slots, 1 x PCI express 16x slot 2x PCI Slot 1 x PCI express 1x slot*
inc. Quality Gaming Case with Front USB and Power Supply

this system will be used for tf2, counter-strike, watching movies and browsing the web.

is this alright for $349 prebuilt? and what fps would i be expecting depending on how much ram i buy ofcourse.

thanks aaron.
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  1. It is Ok very budget for a gaming build. Is there an OS (windows) included?
  2. i agree, its very basic. but if it includes the OS then its alright. also, i would only buy 2 gigs of ram

    fps would depends on resolution and quality details. but here is the review that toms did on the graphics card...
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