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hello i would like to upgrade my gateway dx-4720-03. it has one pci express x16 slot. problem is i tried installing a radeon 4350 (gigabyte) and it kept giving me errors inside windows and I only could get a resoulution of 800x600. so i talked to gateway and they said it was driver conflicts. so my question is if i install a nvidia card, would that work?

gateway dx 4720-03 info:
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  1. Did you try installing the correct drivers after uninstalling the old ones?
  2. i did not know that i was suppose to unistall the old nvidia drivers. how would i go about doing that?
  3. uninstall nvidia and ATI (if you already have) drivers from control panel and then restart your computer. enter safe mode and then run driver sweeper program. if you don't have it you can get it here:

    tick all stuff related to nvidia/ATI and perform the clean action. reboot your pc when the program told you so after that try reinstalling your driver
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