Inspiron 518 new 23" Acer plus old 15" VGA Acer possible?

Can I pull this off with just a VGA Y Splitter cable? I get input not supported when I try. I have the on MB graphics and there is nothing but Single Monitor in the pull down on the Intel Graphics display properties
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  1. I don't think that's going to work. You might want to get a graphics card for your system.
  2. What about a Y splitter that attaches to the DVI port on the computer that routes analog pins to the VGA (15" Acer) and the digital pins to the 23" Acer with DVI?
  3. Any recommendations on graphics card to buy? I was hoping to not spend much, after springing for the 23" monitor. To be perfectly honest, this is home, not work, so the extra real estate is not a must have.

    I've had dual displays at work that were matching monitors and displays that weren't and only the matching display combination rocked the house IMO
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