Different Intel Core i3-2100 Idle Temps?

Okay i have Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge @ 3.10GHz, it was in a computer i bought about 3 days ago. When i first got it the idle temps were i say cool around 30-32 on both cores now 1 core idles between 28-32 and the other is 36-40. Any ideas whats wrong or is it normal? It has the stock HSF. It literally just started happening, also i DIDN'T install the CPU. If you guys need more specs just ask. Just curious on whats going on also if it needs it i don't have time to re apply thermal paste also i never done it before.
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  1. Well the 28-32 should be normal but if the cores are different then the heatsink is not sitting properly and needs to be put back on.

    Its normal to have maybe 1-2 degrees difference between cores depending on activity per core but thats a large difference and points towards a badly applied heatsink.

    I would take the machine back and get them to replace it or fix it.
  2. Yeah but i would have to mail it back to newegg or cyberpower. If i just took the HSF off then back on would i have to re apply thermal paste, or do you know how much it would cost roughly to have a computer store do it?? I really don't want to mess anything up. I did Prime95 and one core didn't get past 50 while the other hit 55. I was also reading that a 10 degree diff is normal but right now one core is at 29 the other is at 43. I checked my BIOS and it said 50 and a 31s system temp. Just read about "break in period" and something about 200 hours? Maybe time could solve my issue?
  3. If you take the heatsink off you will want to reapply thermal paste to get a proper seal. If you don't it might just make things worse.
  4. I'm going to watch the temps the next few days and if they are relatively the same if the idle gets more then 40 on the one core im going to re apply the thermal compound or have a computer repair shop do it for me.
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