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What is a difference between a 60hz and 120hz led monitor

which is best for gaming a 120hz monitor or a 60hz card is gtx570 is there a fps limit when i use a 60hz monitor buy i never got a 120fps when i play 720p res games but with this card i can easily reach a fps of 125 fps with crysis ..i dont know whether i should go for a 120hz monitor..
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  1. You have an extra refresh between the frames that's all. It displays each frame one more time. Good for 3D but must be Nvidia certified.
  2. Depends on whether or not you can and/or want play a game with over 100 fps. Basically if your fps isnt matching your monitor's refresh rate you will see screen tears. For me a bigger factor than refresh rate lately is the monitor's response time, I recommend going for a 2 or 3ms respond time monitor. I can barely even play on monitors with 5 or more ms reponse time because the images(frames) blur together, but some people dont notice.
  3. i want to play games at more than 100fps is this monitor is enough ACER 23" S231HL - LED
  4. No that monitor will start tearing at 60fps. If you want to see your games play at higher fps you'll need to buy a 3D capable monitor like the Acer GD235HZbid.
  5. so a 3d monitor is required to run a gtx570 because i saw some videos
    like gta 4 running at 111fps what monitor should i buy i dont need a 3d capable monitor my card gtx 570 is powerful im getting most of the games above 60fps easily..whats the solution..tell me a budget led monitor which is for gaming but 3d monitor is nor required..i cannot fina a 120hz budget monitor at my price but i can find monitor at low response time like this monitor ACER 20" HS201HL - LED
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    In a way yes. Traditional monitors only refresh the image at 60 hz, which translates into 60 times in one second. This means that if a video card were to render the game at 120 fps, then the monitor won't be able to keep up. What happens is called tearing. the video card will take 2 images and mix them into 1 frame. This causes a line where the image was split to apear on the screen. Many games and video card drivers will allow you to use v-sync to negate this affect, but the end result is that your game will run at 60 fps. The only real solution to "truly" see the game at 120 fps is to buy a monitor that supports 120hz input. Usually that means getting a nvidia 3d capable monitor.
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