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i am having a problem i am building my new pc and is purchasing gts 250 is this card compatible with my cooler master extreme power 600 watt psu
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  1. yeah it should work perfect,well why arent you buying gts 450?as its available in same almost same price in pakistan?
  2. 600W is more than enough for GTS 250.Just make sure your motherboard supports it too.
  3. thank you for replay
    one more thing that you said that gts 450 is better. Does cooler master 600w and my motherboard asus p5g41t-M lx will support it and my cpu e5700 will supply enough data to that vedio card. If it does not support what should i do
  4. Your PSU/MB can handle GTS 450 as well.
    E5700 though may cause bottlenecks(especially if you play at low resolution)
  5. thank you for your advise i will try to upgrade my cpu to core 2 quad q6600
  6. That's a great upgrade. :)
  7. one more thing if i buy e5700 , 2gb ddr3 ram and gts 450 will it be enough to play high end games on their highest settings like crysis or call of duty black oops
  8. What resolution do you play at ?
  9. 1024x768 or 1280x1024
  10. Yes a GTS 450 can handle all games fine on that res.
    Getting Q6600/4GB RAM will also help you significantly.
  11. is there a major difference between gts 250 and gts 450
    because when i compared them in gts 250 scores were better but when i look at evga gts 450 superclocked version it was looking better
  12. GTS 450 is slightly faster than GTS 250,so if the price difference isn't much,go with GTS 450
    (And those benchmarks you saw were wrong because even at stock speeds GTS 450 is faster)
  13. one more thing last night i searched and found a corsiar 430 watts but just can figure out it will be compatible with the system i am purchassing
  14. As long as your case has enough room for it(Almost all mid/full tower cases have), you can use it.
  15. will cooler master elite 370 casing will be good enough for this purpose.
  16. Yes,it's fine.
  17. well i am also curious about gt 240 will it handle high end games on that resolution
  18. On 1024x768 yes,(aside from some demanding titles like Metro 2033) but on 1280x1024,you may need to lower the settings on some games.
  19. there are sometimes i see drivers are not compatible what does that mean
  20. GTS 250 and GT 240 both share the same drivers.
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