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Memory speed over cas Latency

Hello Everyone,

I'm working on a new build and I was wondering if i could get any extra opinion.

This is the mobo I'll be getting;

I was wondering which memory I should go with.


One set runs faster but has a higher cas Latency. The other runs slower but has a lower cas Latency. I just wanted to know which would be favored.

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    Actually both are CAS 9, the Sniper tRCD is 10 while the Ripjaws is 9; and the Sniper tRAS is 28 instead of the Ripjaws 24. The Sniper is slightly faster @ 1866, but it is unlikely that outside of a benchmark that you could tell any difference between the two. Both are great memory.
  2. Intel CPU's are relatively insensitive to small variations in memory speed or timing.

    They are both 1.5 volt parts. As long as they will fit under your CPU heatsink, get whichever is less expensive.
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