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Hi I currently bought a skeleton case and purchased a Phenom x4 965 Black Edition along with a BFG Geforce GTX 275 OC (55 bucks used from a friend) And he ran them 2 of them SLI and I'm wondering what's the minimum W PSU I could get away with doing this? Currently I have a 600W mid-grade power supply. I see all these gaming 800W+ PSU's on ebay for like 50$+ I know they say if its too good to be true it probably is, are these junk? Don't give out the correct wattage, or cheap an inexpensive parts? What's the best PSU I could get for under 100$, then best for under 150$.. I'm looking to stay under 150 dollars as I'm building a budget gaming PC.. Also would you guys recommend popping on the second 275 or recommend saving for a Directx11 card, I mainly game and play World of Warcraft and 1 275 seems to run it fine... Would you recommend just overclocking my current setup and saving my cash? I understand I'm asking alot of questions and I would appreciate any help you guys could give me on this I'm fairly computer literate but only know about as much as I need to :).. Thanks in advance for any inquiries...

Thanks, Jake
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  1. Also when looking at PSU's what should I be looking at besides just the W's as far as how the PSU will perform, I know to obviously make sure it comes with the right # of connectors etc I need. thanks.
  2. Most " gaming " power supplies that you will find on Ebay are pieces of crap that shouldn't be put into a computer.
    A good quality 750 would be sufficient and cost well under $150
    Here's a few that after rebate are $100 or less

    If that scares you and you want 850 they can be found for under $150

    If one 275 ran my games fine I'd overclock and save my money for a better upgrade down the road.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, would you suggest OC'ing my CPU and 275? Or just the 275? Also what programs would you suggest using to OC them. Thanks
  4. Also, I have someone who is willing to sell me a GTX 280 for like 50 bucks and I'd run my GTX 275 OC with the GTX 280 SLI, what wattage PSU do you think would be safe to run that? with my amd phenom x4 965 black edition
  5. I dont think you can SLI two different cards. Just saying. You probably wont need 750W to run a single GTX275, even with an OC.

    This Antec EA650 for just $59 should be plenty.

    If you really want 750W, get the 750W model of the same PSU.
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