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Will this RAM work with this Motherboard?

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    Yes, they are compatible.

    Will they work at 2133? Lots of other factors for that to happen (cooling, power, etc), but it possible with some manual tweaking.

    You could go with some good 1600 DDR3 and save yourself quite a bit of money. The performance difference will hardly be noticeable to you (if at all).

    Good luck!
  2. Cool, thanks for the response. Do you have any suggestions for good 1600 DDR3 memory? I plan to do some minor overclocking to my CPU, but I will be getting an Ivy Bridge processor.
  3. Get 2 pairs of these:

    Or these:

    This RAM is rock solid (both models). Also, keep in mind that any DDR3 memory operating beyond 1333 is technically overclocked. Not a big deal, but incorrectly OCed memory can have huge negative effects on overall system stability.

    Going with good 1600 should do the trick.

    BTW, there are also some good deals on GSkill 4x4 kits as well.

    See here:
  4. Thanks! I'll most likely purchase a set of ( Newegg is also having a deal up until tonight for 15% off any desktop memory.

    I noticed ( has a lower CAS latency and timings. Is it worth it to fork over the extra dough?
  5. IMHO, no. Get the less expensive. I just wanted you to have some options.

    Others will argue that you should get the fastest stuff you can buy. Honestly, the VAST number of users would be able to see no difference and even if they did, it would be miniscule.

    Spend your money elsewhere on what should be a very nice rig (like the CPU).
  6. Thanks COLGeek for all your help. I really appreciate it. I went ahead and bought 2 sets of ( for a total of 16GB.
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