Asus GTS450?

Hey i am looking into this graphics card but before this i was looking at the GT430, i want performance but i love my games to look good, so would there be a difference between these graphics cause there is about a $50 difference between them, and with the Asus GT430, the Gigabyte version is a bit cheaper, so whats the thought about that, but if it's worth it i will go for the GTS450, i'm not really on a budget even though my system looks very budget, but it gets the job done and gets it done well :) haha
my setup:
Motherboard-P5G41C-M LX
CPU-pentium E5400 @ 2.98Ghz O.C
RAM-4Gb (2x2)
thanks, nick
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  1. the difference between the two is significant. but make sure you have the right power supply to run the card since GTS450 did consume more power than GT430
  2. gts 450 has 192 cores,gt 430 has 96 cores
    gts 450 has more than twice much memory bandwidth
    gts 450 has faster memory,core,bus speed.
    Gts 450 is a mid range card
    gt 430 is low end card.
    Surely Worth the price,gts 450 will max out your games with pretty good Fps.
  3. The GT430 is a joke. It games worse then the GT240, which is similar in performance to the 9600GT. Even an old 8800/9800GT would be faster. If you want to be doing any kind of real gaming, get the GTS450 at least. The OC'd models are even better.

    You might also want to consider an AMD card. The 5750 and 5770 are faster then the GT430 and the 5770 is faster then even the OC'd GTS450s.
  4. thanks. i'll go for the GTS450, sounds great, my power supply atm the moment is a 430W and with my current setup i don't think that i consume much power at all so it should be fine but tell me if i'm wrong,
  5. Asus - 5770
    Asus - GTS450

    so these are my options, opinions please, on my 430W power supply will it be enough with my above specs
  6. What 430W? I can show you a 1050W PSU that cant' even output 600W.
  7. oh yeah like stock with my cooler master case,
    and it's 420W sorry the case is the RC430 thats why i got mixed up
  8. my Motherboard also says supports DirectX10 does that affect me or is that just for the onboard graphics
  9. I'd try to figure out what CM PSU you have. They have some duds. The last thing you want to have happen is a new GPU sit idle while you buy a new PSU because your old one died.
  10. TM-420-PMSR, 16A on 12v rail, 30A on 5v and 3.3v rails
    i just checked the ATI site's computer requirements for the card and they said 450W but that might be pushing mine and i don't intend to burn it out or overload it if it's unnecessary so i may look into a good 500-600W, any suggestions...under $100 would be preferable and does this card require dedicated power?

    hows this one:
  11. Thats a good one. If it fits your budget its ok to get.
  12. sorry for all the questions, but between the gigabyte and asus version what do you think...there is no price difference i was gonna go asus, just cause it's my motherboard
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    There shouldn't be a difference in performance. Perhaps a minor one if the clock speeds are different. If there is no price difference, get the one with the better warranty or package.
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