Raven 2 evolution or fortress 2??

after looking at both review... the design may seem odd... but actually it function really well.. ecspecially in cooling department... most of the reviews stated that fortress 2 fares better in cooling performance compared to raven 2... but that was when fortress 2 is equipped with ap181 fans... while raven 2 not.. but raven 2 evolution does come with same ap181 fans as fortress 2.. so i think cooling performance will be equal for both... or fortress 2 still cool better?
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  1. they both cool really well--i love the 90 degree motherboard rotation they use--the fortress 3 and raven 3 are also available now so have a look at them as well
  2. looked at both rv03 and ft03... both are different thing altogether compared to ft02 and rv02...
  3. i have the rv02 and a haf x--the haf was the dearer case but the rv02 cools just as well--and being able to plug stuff in at the top of the case works wonders for me

    i would think either of the two silverstone cases would cool to a level you will be happy with and not too loud either--which do you prefer looks wise as that may be the only difference really

  5. Man, go with either, you CANNOT miss. So decide based on price and looks.
    Personally, I own a silver fortress and I can't think of a better looking case, but tastes differ.
    Keep in mind that they cool very well on air, but due to their layout installing a water cooling loop may be troublesome. I'm currently water cooling 2 GPUs and the CPU, but this required some minor modding- the HDD bay needs to go if you want some decent rad space. The SSD fits easily on the back of the mobo tray, the HDD... Well, I'm sure it's less than happy with the undignified position it's in now.
    All in all, they're both good for air and require some fiddling for liquid.

  6. thks everyone.... yours opinion really does help me in deciding which case will be my next one... i would like to see anyone who owns raven rv02 evo posts their rig like uther39 and jay_83... anyone??
  7. I'm really feeling that Silverstone. if I didn't already have a case I might be declined to run out and get that. I considered the Raven 2 RV02-EW and I still might do a build with one later on down the road.
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