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i have 10 machines with router & adsl connection, i want to block internet in 4 machine without effecting in other 6 machine i.e. internet should work in that 6 machines.
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  1. Have you checked the setup screens for your router -- Access List (or similar name) should allow you to access users in (or out, on some models) by MAC ID.
  2. Add a switch. I don't know of a 10 port, but there are plenty of 16 port switches out there.

    Everybody connects to a port on the switch.

    Uplink port of switch goes to one port on the router which connects to internet.

    Router has MAC filtering (allow) only for the authorized machines. (so a strange machine cannot be plugged in and used, as would be the case if MAC is filtering to deny).

    All machines have DHCP enabled, obtain IP address automatically, same with DNS.

  3. You can do it through your router, depending the typer of router you have. Not all the routers have the same options but if you have a linksys router go to "Access Restrictions" tab and from there you can select wich computers are allowed to connect and you can even set up specific days and time. The way it is done is entering either the IP address or the MAC address of the computers you want to limit internet access.

    Let me know.
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