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Hi: I'm about to give up on my Zone Alarm router (endlessly complicated; drops wifi; annoys me...) and am looking for a home router that will:

1) Allow vpn connection to my home system and network drives and

2) Ideally, allow 2 USB network printers to be connected.

A number of routers seem to allow one USB printer connection. Would it work to attach a hub there and then two printers? I know on the z100, each usb is mapped to the specific printer.

The z100 supports only xp for its vpn client (CheckPoint). I've been unable to connect using my x64 Win 7 machine, though Shrew Soft will work to connect to my ISP. I don't know much about vpn. Ideally the router would come with a vpn client and configuration instructions.

Many thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. has a VPN software that is free for personal use.

    This router has 2 USB connection; however, I am not sure if both can be used for printer sharing
  2. Emerald:

    Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like it might work -- the specs seem to imply both can be mapped for a printer or whatever. I do use logmein for friend's computers, but on my system only want access to my network drives. The problem is that router doesn't seem to allow VPN, though I may just write them to be sure... .

    Thanks again,

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    since you already use logmein, have a look at their VPN software, Hamachi. It is free for personal use.
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  5. OK. That looks like it might work.


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