Gtx 560 Ti PCIE 2.0 or ...


I recently bought Gtx560Ti, i am using as MB Asus Maximus Formula (which has X38 chipset), operating system Win7-64bit. The question is

1. GPUZ 0.5.1 reports as bus interface PCI-E x16@x16
2. Nvidia control panel / system information PCI Express x16 Gen2
3. AIDA64, successor of Everest, PCIE 2.0

Am I running at PCIE 2.0 or not?

Thank you in advance for your opinions
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  1. Your slot is version 2.0 so you are running that with that card.
  2. Thanks for your reply but i was wondering for two

    reasons firstly why gpu-z is not reading 2.0 (states

    that currently running at pcie v1.1),
    and secondly my original pdf-manual says "2xPCIe x16

    slots (@ full x16, x16 speed)". So may be it is the same

    terminology that i do not get it or the asus-page refers

    to a later revision of mb, just asking.

    so is there some other way to check on what pcie-speed

    is actually running?

    secondly, would i be loosing anything if indeed the

    gtx560 was running at pcie v1.1 vs 2.0?

    thanks again,
  3. Well if they had an older revision of the board with PCIe x16 version 1.1 your loss would be max 2%. It is like running on x8 with version 2.0
  4. The article is very informative, no worries then a 2% loss is something I can live with...

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