Any comments/recommendations for my new desired pc setup?

Price What Details
1096$ CPU: Two Intel Xeon E5645 @ 2.4GHz, 6 cores
0060$ SINK: Two Intel Thermal Solution STS100C
0360$ MOBO: Supermicro X8DAi dual-processor motherboard
0162$ RAM: Two Kingston DDR3 1333MHz ECC 6GB kit (KVR1333D3E9SK3/6G)
0134$ CASE: Cooler Master HAF 932 case, no power supply
0145$ POWER: Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W
0210$ HD: One OCZ Vertex 2 Extended 120GB 2.5" SSD
0428$ VIDEO: One PNY Quadro 2000 video card, 1GB GDDR5
0105$ DVD: One LG 12X Blu-ray burner, SATA
0142$ OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OEM, 64-bit, english
0050$ FEE: Assembly, delivery

3294$ Total with taxes

All comments appreciated !
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  1. Well... That is one hell of a machine! What are you planning on doing with it? A 2600k build may be a better option at half this cost...

    My first impressions are.... There are better 1k power supplies than the Cooler Master. Your build only has 120GB of storage with the SSD. Probably need to add a 1TB or 2TB mechanical drive now (or later). The Quadro 2000 probably needs to be replaced (need to know what you are doing with this PC).

    Fill out the form in the link below to give us more info...
  2. My setup is precisely aimed at modeling/rigging/animating/rendering 3d studio max projects, this is my attempt at maximizing the 3300$ investment into what counts the most: cpu computational power for rendering (2 cpu) fast hd access (sdd) and non-magnetic backup solution (blue-ray burner)

    I'll be the first to admit its an unusual config, but really isnt for generic multimedia playback, gaming, or office use. stricly 3d projects.

    This is also why im picking a dual i7 CPU setup rather than a more powerful single i7, you dont need much in 3dsmax to choke the fastest of any existing CPU's with all the particle simulation possible, character rigged animations or raytrace renderings,
    based on what ive digged it seems that this will perform better when doing computational intensive calculations, plus i'll be able to do other stuff while it works. a single CPU while chocking will bring the pc to a grinding halt...

    ...oh and thanks for the inputs too eh !

    to complement the infos here (as you requested) :

    - I'm ordering this hot rod in the next month
    - budget is 3300$ (im in quebec, canada, there are taxes sadly)
    - no overclocking planned
    - the parts in my submission are pretty much the gist of what id like, no need for dual videocard, monitor, kbd, ect...
  3. ...what is a 2600k build ?
  4. Gotcha.

    CPU + MB - The 2600k will give you eight processing threads that will rival the dual Xeon processors. Overclock the 2600k (4.0GHz or higher) and it will tear up some modeling / rendering projects. The Sandy Bridge setup will be much cheaper as well...

    MEM - Make sure you are using low latency memory as it will give you the best results. I believe the memory you listed is CL9. Look for CL7...

    GPU - consider the GTX 580 over the Quadro 2000. It is a fast card with a high number of processing cores.
  5. The Intel i7-2600k is a new CPU that has shown big improvements over the privious i7 series processors. It is on a new LGA1155 platform so you would need to change out the motherboard to a LGA1155 workstation unit instead of the LGA1366 dual socket board.
  6. thanks ill look into thoses !
  7. ultimately it seems that one cannot build a dual cpu setup using 2600k cpu's. For this you need Xeon chips.
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