Can this motherboard support 4-6 cooling fans?

I am leaning toward the ASRock Extreme4 z77 LGA1155 MB. My case (Antec 300 Illusion) has 4 case fans (+1 optional). I have read that they are 3-pin fans, so I figured I would need some 3->4 pin cables (if the board doesn't have, idk.). I don't know a lot about computers and just want to make sure I would have enough places to plug these in. I will have just an SSD (at first), a HD7870, hyper 212 evo (so actually 5-6 fans... maybe, idk), 1-2 disc drives, 650w antec earthwatts (if that matters)...
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  1. Don't know why you need so many fans.... but the motherboard you mentioned does have 6 fan headers so you will be fine.
  2. Just because the case has 4 fans... I will use em all, and my heatsink will have 1-2.
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