Sound alarm from AGP card installation!

Hello, I changed my Nvidia AGP card for a gigabyte AGP card. It started working but when I wanted to instal the driver that came with the Gigabyte card, I was warned that the driver I have is newer that the one I am trying to instal, so I remained with the older driver. After 2 days it stoped showing any pictures at all in the monitor. Then I brought back the old card and replaced it. Then it started working. This morning when I switched on the PC, the monitor would not show anything, so I removed the old card again and installed the new one, the PC started blowing a loud alarm and was not showing anything in the monitor. I replaced the old card to see if the noise will go away, but it didn,t and the fan stopped working. Any ideas of the cause of the problem and how to fix it? Many thanks for your support.

Yours Aten
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  1. My experience with loud alarms from graphic cards comes from a failure to connect the supplemental 4-pin/6-pin power cable.

    -Wolf sends
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