Current available mother boards to replace xcel 2000 motherboard

i have an old system with p3 processor and the motherboard is xcel 2000 which is faulty.can u find an excellent replacement board for the current board
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    Be sure your board is socket 370, and not slot one. Getting the same board is the best way to preserve your old files. You can also go with an Intel 815 chipset board, but it may not fit your case and you might have to format the hardrive and reload your files. Not much out there; old boards may or may not run well; some have capacitors on their last leg. For what they're asking on ebay, a new system may make more sense. Alot of used hp or compaq systems on my local craigslist for $120 or less with windows xp. I wouldn't buy one with less than 2 gb of ram for windows 7, which you may want eventually.
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