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I was going to purchase the Intel Pentium Dual-Core G840 2.8GHz Socket LGA1155 Processor 3MB L3 Cache) and would like to know if it is compatible with the Intel DH61WWB3 Core i3/i5/i7 Socket LGA1155 DDR3 SATA PCIe Gb LAN 5.1Ch Audio mATX Mainboard ? It says Socket LGA1155, but I just want to be 100% sure before I take anything furher.

P.S I have choosen this mobo as I would like to upgrade to i5/i7 core when I get a bit more money and/or they reduce in price which I am aware they use a LGA1155 Socket mobo ?

Thank you
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  1. the g840 should work fine with any 1155 board; it doesn't have hyperthreading, so the price is lower, but it has two cores, which should be fine for most tasks. If you want a faster cpu, I recommend you save about $40 more and get the 2100. Frys had it for $79.99 recently.
  2. Your cpu support for H67 / P67,
    For future If you want upgrade SB non K series get chipset H67 (have vga onboard) and and for K series P67 (need VGaA addon ) it's all depend on your budget : asus, gigabyte etc. And you must upgrade PSU
  3. i agree with henydiah, the description of the boards is accurate. this link compares the G850 and the i3 2100 and shows the supported boards,52807,52806,53491,53422 and this link explains the difference between the boards
    iam currently trying to decide between the two cpus i mentioned not sure which is best for the money. anyways best of luck.
  4. h61 will be fine with G840 , and h67 will be better.
  5. One thing I have noticed about some of these boards is that many only have a PCIe 3 x16 and others only have a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, and the ones that have the version 3.0 slot say that it ONLY works with the i3/i5 and i7

    So does that mean you can ONLY have the onboard graphics from the CPU if you have a chip like a G840? Other than using an old PCI video card which will probably be just as slow anyway

    Or can you still put a PCIe 3 video card into the slot but it will only work at PCIe 2.0 speeds? As I cant seem to find anyone explaining this anywhere

    Or does it mean to have a discreet video card you have to purchase a board that only has a PCIe 2 slot like the intel Q67SW board for this CPU to work with a PCIe video card?
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