New Lenovo T520 i7-2720 QM

Hello all, I just recently purchased a Lenovo T520 along with my twin brother. Both of our computers have the same specs:

i7 Quad Core 2.2GHz i7-2720QM
500 GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 Pro

So anyways, we got them in on Thursday and we both ran the Windows Indexing Program to rate our systems, every score was the same except his processor scored a 7.4 out of 7.9 and my processor is continually scoring a 3.4 out of 7.9. I have no clue as to why this is happening, I have upped all the battery performance levels before running the Windows Indexing Program. Any information on how to change this and get my computer running how its should would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. You shouldn't worry over something about Windows Experience Index, it's a poor benchmark. However, 3.4 using a i7 is simply weird. What do you think of your overall performance using the laptop? Install something like CPU-Z and you can see your CPU and the speed it's running at. You may be on power saving mode still somewhere. It should be speed step on Intel [AMD uses cool n' quiet]
  2. Alright, I'll download CPU-Z and post the scores from that. The machine runs well that's why I posted the score because it seemed so out of place. I have yet to run any real intensive programs, but it has handled a normal workload with ease.
  3. are you running Windows Experience Index on battery?

    you should do it while on mains power
  4. I am running the Windows Experience Index on Full Performance battery settings and with TurboBoost enabled for the processor via the Lenovo PowerManager Tool
  5. run it on mains power and see if the score goes up or run superpi and see if your cpu speed shoots up
  6. leave the cpu-z up and run any thing that loads the processor and you should see the CPU multiply shoot up.. Bus Freq is correct (should be 100 MHz).

    Superpi should do it or download prime 95 and run that. Just run for a couple of mins unless you want to verify stability. If leaving it run for longer you need to watch your CPU core temeratures (ie CPUID HWMonitor).
  7. See if you disabled Intel Speed Step. You're on power saving mode. Thanks for listening to my suggestions :) Hope we can help out
  8. Same score when on Full Performance using Main Power, just as an update, I installed PCMark7 on both laptops, mine (the one in question), received 1133 PCMarks and my brothers received 2132 PCMarks.
  9. swap it with your brothers when hes not looking :D
  10. which element of wei scores 3.4, look at device manager to ensure that the gpu's are the same?
  11. Processor scores 4.6 now on WEI with Main Power on Full Performance, GPU's are both the same with the same scores for Windows Graphics and Gaming Graphics, only scores that defer from one another are the processor scores, mine consistently receiving a 4.6 and his receiving 7.4
  12. While monitoring cpu-z (CPU multiplier) and run prime 95, do both laptops go to the same value. If not then posibly a setting in BIOS is inhibiting it (Ref wintermint comment on speed step). Possibly step thru the bios settings comparing the two laptops. NOTE: laptop bios are very limited in user settings compared to a desktop.
  13. The laptop is less than 4 days old, if BIOS are set at the factory, how could they be changed from my laptop to my brothers? His was ordered and received at the same time.
  14. You are correct, they should not be different. But something is different, or defective.
  15. Thats the truth. I am going to call Lenovo tomorrow, my only worry is I know they are going to run me through the everything with the kitchen sink in troubleshooting before they actually get to the heart of the problem.
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