Desperate need for Media / Backup / File Server, Build

Hello,I have been researching for some time (over 4 years) to build a media / backup / file server, etc; as time goes by I have more necessities / possible solutions to demands.

Unfortunately I am the go to guy for family issues that constantly has my attention redirected and by the time I get back to the PC Solution, newer technology / forum postings and articles (not necessarily in that order) force me to reconsider prior spec decisions that warrant further review, that has turned into a vicious cycle with inadequate patches to problems further exasperating the situation. (sorry for the brain vomit)

Last year my wife decided to go with a Mac (no knowledge) and expected me to solve the issues that arose; followed by the birth of my daughter (Luna) with tons of HD/R pictures and videos that need to be taken out of her Mac (full) and my PC for proper storage/backup and retrieval.

Most of my computer knowledge comes from researching websites/forums and spending countless hours putting together / taking apart hardware and loading and unloading software (blood, sweat and tears). I have put together a couple of bare bones systems (cpu preloaded) and sense I have a clue, until the next system failure that has me back to the manual, tech support, forums, etc..

I have an old Samsung 52” LCD and an older 32” CRT that I plan on upgrading when it dies or the 3D systems work the bugs out and become more affordable?

I need a system with serious (1 to 2 Tb) affordable redundant (x3 or 4) storage for pictures/video/files etc. (networked for PC and Mac)

HDMI output for current and future LCD Monitors (2, maybe 3) for viewing before mentioned and internet TV/Movies (cut the cable TV dependency and upgrade internet bandwidth); and whatever else you guys may think of that I have forgotten (2 days to write this wish list).

I realize most of the answers have been listed in other posts, unfortunately the before mentioned vicious cycle takes hold.
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  1. It sounds like what you really need is a NAS. NAS stands for Nework Attached Storage. It's an external hard drive that plugs directly into the router, and can be accessed by any computers on the network. They require very little technical know how, and are extremely fast and easy to set up.
    You really have 2 options when it comes to a NAS setup. Get one that has the hard drives inside such as;contentBody
    Or, get one that hooks up to an external hard drive.;contentBody

    Both should serve your needs at a rather cheap price.
  2. Yaa I looked into the NAZ but it doesn’t quite take care of all the issues. I probably should have mentioned that I will probably use the system as my main PC and will need some room for a security video board (have Geo 800 in old PC) I was thinking of future upgrades to video board for compatatability issues of old CCTV board that will probably remain in old PC, and adding other stuff
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