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Screen flicker ati 11.2

I just recently upgraded my machine and after installing ati 11.2 and running overdrive i get a wierd screen flicker. Shut overdrive off and no probs? any ideas.

build is
asus m4a89td pro
phenom II x6 1100t
crucial ballistix ddr3 1600
samsung 500gb hd
xfx 650w modular psu
xfx 5870
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    Revert back to older drivers.Many users have problems with 11.x drivers.
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  3. Thanks a million man went back to 10.x gpu clock 890mhz mem clock 1290mhz runnin like a champ, and cooler as well!
  4. No prob,I'm stuck with 10.10 as well.All drivers released after it gave me problems
  5. I'm having problems in a 5850 CF setup right now... brand new install with other possible issues, but I think I'm going to jump back to 10.10, too.
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