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Computer Crashed And Won't Boot Past BIOS

Hey all,

So just then my desktop PC randomly crashed while I was watching some HIMYM. The screen went black for a split second then bluescreened, then immediately after showed some BIOS-type text and I saw briefly saw something about creating a virtual memory dump (or something like that). It then shut down straight away and, now, won't boot properly - it shows the Asus BIOS welcoming sort of screen with the option to either enter BIOS or view Post Setup-something-a-rather. However, neither of these options work (del or F1 etc.) and it boots into this screen abnormally fast, but then does not proceed to actually boot into windows.

My specs are, and have remained so for quite a while;

CPU: i5 760 OC'd to 3.6GHz, very stable.
M/board: Asus P7H55-m
RAM: OCZ 4GB kit ~1600MHz kit
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti SuperOverclocked (latest drivers)
1TB HDD with ~ 120GB spare
Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit
Heat is not an issue, plenty of case fans and a Corsair H60 w/ dual fans keeps things nice and cool.

Anyone got any ideas? Please? Need it for school, 1st week of Year 12 is a bad time for it to crash :\

Thanks in advance!
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  1. OK so I just tried to boot my computer for the umpteenth time and it actually worked...? So don't worry about posting solutions!

    Also how do I delete this thread?
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    Shouldn't have been watching HIMYM :-P jk
    If you're OCing things, back them down to stock until you can pinpoint the problem. If you can't get into the BIOS to do this (which I suspect based on how you wrote your OP), then you will need to clear the CMOS to get back to stock.
    If you find that the highest stock settings work, you may just need to back your OC down a little.

    But if there is a hardware malfunction, my top suspects are RAM and GPU.
    RAM is easiest to troubleshoot, take all but one module out and test with just the one, and repeat with just one module til you've tested all your modules (not sure if you have 2 or 4 modules). My strongest suspicion is that one fo them will fail to boot the system and the rest will be ok.
    If that doesn't uncover, then pull the GPU and try booting with the onboard video.

    Leave it at that for now, let us know your results and we'll troubleshoot from there...
  3. Aww I feel so bad now that you've gone to the effort of replying like that after it just randomly started working...

    Thanks anyway bud!
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  5. tmoel1 said:
    Aww I feel so bad now that you've gone to the effort of replying like that after it just randomly started working...

    Thanks anyway bud!

    No worries, mate. Slow work day. :)

    Keep the post in mind incase HIMYM crashes your system again. :p
  6. Hahaha fair enough, will do mate :p
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