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Hi all.....I am brand new on here so please take it a little easy on me and my lack of knowledge.
I have an older e-machine computer with a MCP61PM-GM 2.2 motherboard. I have acquired an Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition Processor. My question is, will this motherboard accept this processor, and if not, any recommendations on a replacement motherboard and any other required components? Or would it just be cheaper to buy a new cheap computer and swap out processors? Thank you all in advance.
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  1. MCP61PM-GM 2.2 is an athlon board so no you cant install that cpu in it

    if you know the i7-990X Extreme works ok i would ebay it as its an expensive cpu and use the proceeds to get a new pc--new i7-990X Extreme on ebay uk are over £600
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    Well first of all congrats on however you acquired a 990X, that is pretty impressive.

    First of all I will start by saying that all it takes is a quick google search of you mobo and you can find out its specs.

    From what I found that is an AMD mobo not an intel mobo. That aside when you have a processor that is new and a mobo that is very old there are very few times that you will be able to use the same mobo. This is not one of those times.

    So no I am sorry but you cannot use your old mobo and the new processor. On a different note. With a processor that powerful you would want to use an old mobo as it would just limit the processor and you wouldn't be able to use it to its full potential and that processor has a lot of potential.

    That being said I would question the specs of the rest of your computer. Upgrading your processor that much and trying to keep the rest of your system could severely limit the processor. Limiting it is annoying but there are also parts that may not be able to handle the added stress from the added performance. Things like you PSU and case may not be able to power or cool you computer enough and could cause major problems.

    If I were you I would head to the homebuilt section and fill out the form for building a new computer. There are many people who will help you out with the best parts and keep the cost down. However you are one of the lucky few who already has $1000+ put into your computer (that's how much the processor alone is worth).
  3. That motherboard supports AMD processors and DDR2 RAM. You need an Intel X58 motherboard and DDR3 RAM for the 990X.
  4. it is cheaper to buy a new tower
    how about buy this
    throw your 990 in there
    and make all of us
    jealous :)

    Cyberpower is the closest thing to a professionally built custom tower
    much better than a Dell or HP

    It is also X58 chipset (need for a 990x) and DDR3 so will handle your 990x
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