Mn 510 not working on windows 7.

So I am using a MN 510 USB adapter and it hasnt let me down sence untill today. I just build my new comp and went to go install it like I normally would but it doesnt want to install. I have the disk for it still and it just doesnt want to install. I am running windows 7 and I know i didnt have this problem with vista. I can move the comp to hook up to the internet threw ethernet but i need the wireless to work so I can put it in my room. Can somone help me find the problem or at least the seperate Driver I can install. I rather not move my comp if I didnt have to atm. I am also running a laptop so I can transfer an files threw usb also.
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  1. Found this on the MS forum:

    The MN-510 is old, but works with Windows 7 no problem no matter what any uninformed moderator may say. You would never get anything done by reading that generic copy and paste post by the moderator.

    To make it work:
    go download the software if you lost you cd (mod couldn't even tell you that much)

    Run the extraction wizard and select an extraction file you can find like the desktop. The wizard will fail to complete because it doesn't detect XP. Well find where it unziped the files to and run the setup.exe in XP compatibility mode (properties -> compt. tab)
    Should work, however it requires the MS Broadband networking utility to be running. Just ignore it, hide it in tray and use windows 7 built in wireless.
  2. Yah I downloaded that and it didn't work but I know I didn't do any extraction wizard crap but when I go to the prgram and try to run it in xp mode it just yells at me saying it was meant for xp.
  3. I'm also new at windows seven so if I'm overlooking at something let me know also it 3am so that can play a factor also
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