6950 Eyefinity "Crossfire upgrade"

Just put put together my first eyefinity setup.....amazing!!! 5760x1080 (3) 21.5" LED's

My System:
Phenom II X2 550 (unlocked triple core @ 3.6ghz)
CM Hyper 212+
6GB DDR3 1333 RAM
Sapphire 6950 (2gb)
Sapphire active display port adapter
Corsair tx650
Seagate 7200rpm 160gb HDD
Antec 300

I mainly use my system as a workstation and to play WOW, although now that I have eyefinity looking at other games to enjoy all that eyefinity goodness. Crysis is soon to come out, Dirt 2 possibly.

The resolution is massive so I suspected that one 6950 would'nt be enough. WOW runs pretty well at good setting except when in a highly populated areas and in some areas with lots of terrain detail it definately bogs down. For arena it's perfect, for large bg's and raids it slows down quite a bit. The card is pretty much maxed out at 99% usage at this resoluiton and detail...which does'nt seem good? On one monitor with ultra settings it runs at about 60% usage....which seems better for the card. I've also read mixed reviews on how well WOW handles crossfire. With some it seems it works for others it actually lowers FPS over a single card. As a workstation the 6950 does'nt skip a beat.

So my question(s)......Looking to keep costs down but realize I will need a new MB that supports xfire, PSU,GPU

GPU that's easy another Sapphire 6950 2gb (great card at $256)

MB not sure but from what little i've read maybe its 8x8 instead of 16x16 will this make a big difference?


PSU Probably an Antec or Corsair will look for the best price 750-850w

Will my CPU become a bottleneck for this system? If so what are my options? X6? wait for bulldozer?

Will my case have adequete ventilation? Its already getting pretty tight with just one 6950 and it does run fairly warm 50 degrees


Your opinions, knowlege, advice are greatly appreciated

Anyone with Crossfire success in WOW would be great to hear your story
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  1. I'm looking at a setup that is similar with a 6950, however, a Sandy bridge 2600k, and wondering the same thing.

    But what do you mean when WoW "bogs down" ? 15 fps, or 30 fps? What frame rate are you getting normally?

    I have seen some work showing that WoW can get a boost from Crossfire, and then conflicting reports as well.

    Do you play WoW across all 3 screens, or just on one of them?
  2. I've been playing WOW across all three monitors for about 2 weeks now.

    I have vsync turned off so there are times when I'm around 80+ FPS and other times when it will drop down to 23. But at good settings with sunshafts off and shadows turned down I'm pretty consistent at 45-55. Large bg with mass Aoe it will bog down to 23ish fps...thats the lowest I've seen.

    Rotating Camera quickly in areas..twilight highlands will bring it down into the 30's. The hard part is it's not super consistent but in general this is what I'm seeing. I do arena with absolutely no problems. I've mainly noticed it in areas where i'm zoomed out and there is a lot of detail with the terrain. Toll Barad with good detail sun/shadows turned down pretty fluid and playable.

    I'd say 70% of the time it runs pretty good with dips in fps with increased terrain & many characters with aoe. It's pretty dynamic so wonder how much of this could be from server lag? or any other thing that's not necessarily a graphics issue, which are hard to track. I've run dungeons just fine and other times it will dip a bit.

    The card is pretty much maxed out while playing across three screens, around 60-65% across one from what I've experienced so far.

    I like you have seen such a mixed bag relative to crossfire and how well WOW handles it. I've enabled dx11 also. I'm just finding so much conflicting data not sure if its worth crossfiring yet. I know two 6950's should handle about anything especially since you can unlock shaders and it oc's pretty well.

    So far its a great card but jumping up to eyefinity resolution is alot to ask.

    So I guess the real question is whether or not crossfiring will give me the added performance that I want to hopefully play on ultra on three monitors and maintain 60 fps...and if so should I upgrade my CPU as I've read that WOW is a CPU intensive game.

    I guess the only way to really know is to take the plunge and make the upgrades and see how it performs
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