Motherboard DOA?

I'm putting together my computer and am worried my motherboard is DOA.

I put everything together, plugged it in and then nothing. No lights anywhere on the board, no fans moving, nothing. I checked to make sure there wasn't an extra stand off screw and I was clear there.

I used the paperclip method to test the power supply and it's getting the fan to move.

I've even unplugged everything from the board except the CPU, heatsink and one stick of RAM and am still getting nothing. Took it out of the case and put it on a box and tried it again. Still nothing.

Any tips or suggestions? I'm at a loss and would hate to have to RMA it.

I have tried the checklist on here that people link to and still get nothing.

My specs:
Asrock Extreme4
Intel i5-2500k
GSkill Ripjaw DDR3 10666 (4GB stick)
Antec True Power Trio 550W
Antec 300 case
Everything else is unplugged at the moment (Spinpoint HD, Radeon 6850, Asus DVD writer))

(Note: the Newegg box that my parts came in was pretty beat up, including some dents in the MB box. No noticeable damage to the board though)
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. Thank you for checking the sticky first, it answer a lot of questions. Connect only the CPU and HSF; no RAM. Also ensure that the PSU is connected snugly. If the case power button is connected, disconnect it along with any other front panel/HDD wires. Now jump the PWR_SW pins with a flathead screwdriver, or similar metal tool.

    If the power to the mobo turns on, and you hear the infamous "No RAM" beeps, your mobo is good. If not, then it is likely DOA.
  2. Thanks T_T. Yeah, I try to research before bugging everyone with a post but couldn't find anything.

    I tried your method and got nothing. My MB also has an internal quick power switch that I tried but that didn't work either. I'm getting a new PSU tomorrow and will try it again then. If it doesn't work then I guess I'll have to RMA it.

    I just can't imagine how two parts in a single shipment are DOA. My initial power supply was DOA also. The paperclip trick wouldn't provide any power from it and it wouldn't power up my old PC.

    I've even tried everything in different outlets etc. and just nothing.
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